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Mountain Top Music Center plans to renovate and revitalize the historic Bolduc Block in downtown Conway Village. “Built to last” in 1931 by Leon Bolduc, the building served for seven decades as an anchor to business in Conway, housing department stores, cafés, offices, boutiques, the post office, and of course the Majestic Theatre. A fire in 2005 crippled business in the Bolduc Block, but the structure now stands repaired and in structurally excellent condition. Considering widespread positive feedback from the community, the board of trustees of Mountain Top Music Center authorized the purchase of the building in order to preserve it and secure it as a musical hub for the community.

As its new owner, Mountain Top Music Center (MTMC) has a vision to revitalize and utilize the entire property, returning it to its former glory—and, more importantly, to its role as a community gathering place for Conway and a vibrant center for performing arts activity.

Substantial renovations are needed in order to realize this vision. Though structurally sound, the building currently does not meet local and state building codes and is deficient in energy efficiency. This provides an opportunity to upgrade windows, doors, systems, cosmetics, and functionality for the 21st century. The first phase includes most of the renovations that MTMC expects to make to the building; the second phase will involve the redesign and renovation of the Majestic Theatre.

MTMC is committed to being a good steward of the Bolduc Block as a well-functioning center for music learning, practice, and performance that anchors an attractive and vibrant Conway Village.

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Mountain Top Music Center

A New Home
The Bolduc Block will provide the opportunity for an approximate 30% expansion of teaching and learning space in more ideally sized rooms than our current facility offers.

Conway Village

Renew and Restore
The revitalized Bolduc Block will renew Conway’s relevance and make the area more attractive to business and entertainment, while preserving the village’s historic look.


For the People
MTMC enriches life in the valley through community ensembles, music projects with local schools, free Music for Babies classes, and collaborations with local nonprofits.

Why Now?

A Special Moment
The 250th Anniversary Celebration of Conway’s charter generated interest in local history and sparked serious discussion about the future of Conway. This was a catalyst for bringing together people who care about Conway and an ideal springboard for the rejuvenation of what is undoubtedly the most notable landmark in Conway Village: the Bolduc Block.