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The Majestic Café

Every Friday, enjoy jazz in an intimate setting – the only weekly jazz venue in the valley.  On most Thursdays and Saturdays come listen and dance to the music of some of the best local musicians in the valley and beyond.  Email [email protected] with questions.

Cafe Waitlist Policy

With limited seating, sellouts can occur; when they do you will have the option of joining a waitlist. When you join the waitlist, you will receive an acknowledgment and any future notices at the email and mobile phone number you specified. Ensure they are accurate.   

In the days before the event, if there is a cancellation the next person on the waitlist will be offered the seats.  They will have the option to choose to make the reservation and pay any cover charge or decline the offer. There will be a time limit on the offer, after which the next person on the list will be offered the seats. 

On the day of the event, if there is a cancellation or no-show, multiple parties may be offered the available seats at the same time; the available seats will then go to whomever first accepts the offer and makes the reservation.  Others will then not be able to claim the seats.

If you are offered seats from a cancellation, you will be only able to accept and purchase the number of available seats.  That number may be less than the number on your waitlist entry.

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